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Have you heard about the new project similar to if no, then stay with me until the end of this article because we will see how it works and also whether is legit or a scam like is a brand new project that allows you to buy Seedly tokens and stake them to earn a return of 3.3% / day. And even resell your tokens immediately thanks to the BUYBACK set up by the team.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about airdrop:

What is ? is the pioneer of an innovative concept that combines financial growth and agricultural metaphors. By allowing users to plant seed tokens and reap the rewards of their digital harvest, Seedly is ushering in a new era of financial literacy and community engagement.

To attract more people to the project is airdropping 50,000,000 $Seed token.

How to get airdrop ?

To receive Seedly airdrop, simply connect to your seedly account and click on $SEED then scroll down the page you will see CLAIM SEEDLY AIRDROP. Follow the instructions to claim your own airdrop share! registration Guide

To successfully register on, follow the following instructions:

  • Go on website
    1. Click on create account
    2. Enter your Email address , password, Invite code
    3. Then confirm

You can use this Seedly invitation code when registering: gujaha7

How work ? is a platform where you can buy Seedly tokens and stake them to receive a daily reward of 3.3% with the possibility of reselling now if you want. offers several other features to earn more : Preserve , NFT, Planter , Swap, Plant, and Referral.


It is an option that allows you to nurture your $seed tokens for sustainable growth, obtaining a daily yield of 2% and unlocking exclusive NFTs.


This allows you to Harvest ownership with NFTs by planting $seed tokens, earning fruits and accessing the exclusive NFT marketplace.


Here you can stake $seed tokens, watch them thrive, and enjoy a daily yield of 3.3%, contributing to Seedly’s vibrant community.


You can adopt the role of a planter to foster growth, earning income from your downlines’ activities and sharing in Seedly’s success.


Here you can convert harvested fruits into $seeds through swapping, navigating Seedly ecosystem with versatile rewards.


Invite your friends to Seedly, to earn rewards and help seedly community growth.

How to buy seedly token ?

Once logged into your account, click on WALLET you will see BUY $SEED follow the instructions to purchase:

  • On the seedly presale page
    1. Copy the wallet address below
    2. Go to your crypto wallet and send the amount you like to invest in BNB.
    3. After sending , wait 2 mintues, then refresh wallet.

Note that , you need to send only BNB to the address to avoid loss of funds. And the minimum amount should be $5 ( 0.02 BNB) .

How to stake seedly token ?

On the home page click on PLANT to stake your seedly tokens! the duration of a staking is 10 days for a daily profit of 3.3%.

How to withdraw from ?

The rewards of your staking in seedly token will be credited in $fruit. but it is not possible to withdraw directly to $fruit so you have to convert back to $seed to request a withdrawal. To do this click on WALLET, you will see swap/$fruit. the exchange rate is 3.3 FRUIT = 1 SEED, after the conversion return to the previous page to withdraw your seed tokens in usdt to your personal wallet.

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Is legit ?

Let’s talk about the legitimacy of the platform. seedly claims to be a platform inspired by, but we all know that Catly ended up scamming all its members by stealing millions of dollars.

So, knowing all this it would be dishonest to say that is a legit platform. but I’m not saying you can’t join, if you want you can join the platform but know that sooner or later they will end up disappointing you!

is a scam ?

Currently, it is not possible to call a scam because it currently pays all members. but you have to be careful because it could disappear at any time.


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