Wisdom Earth mining

Wisdom Earth Mining

In this article we will talk about a brand new Mining project that has just been launched.

This is Wisdom Earth, it is a mining project allowing you to mine the WDC token.

FREquently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Wisdom Earth mining:

What is Wisdom Earth mining ?

Wisdom Earth is a project that aims to achieve universal basic income (UBI) for everyone around the world through the free distribution of Wisdom Coin (WDC) and establish a fair digital identity for everyone around the world.

Above all, Wisdom Earth wants to enable users around the world to benefit from the huge dividends brought by the new development of the new era of artificial intelligence. Users will be able to experience it for free every day. but for long term use, they will have to pay for the official VIP version using the WDC token (Wisdom Coin).

How Wisdom Earth work ?

Wisdom Earth will issue the global universal token Wisdom Coin WDC (Wisdom Coin) based on blockchain technology. The total issuance of Wisdom Coin WDC (Wisdom Coin) is 10 billion, of which 80% will be operated by global users and 20% will be used by the team.

How to mine Wisdom coin ?

To start mining the Wisdom Earth WDC token. Simply register by filling out the registration form with your personal data and then download the application. You can use this Wisdom Earth mining invitation code: U38WX0

Currently the Mining rate is around 64 wdc/hour but over time the WDC mining rate will continue to decrease and the number of coins obtained at the same time will gradually decrease. The sooner you join Wisdom Earth mining, the easier it will be for you to get more WDC.

If your phone number is rejected during registration

the platform may reject your phone number during registration. in this case don’t panic, just download the Wisdom Earth mining app to try again!

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Is Wisdom Earth mining legit ?

It is still difficult to say if this project is really legit or not because it has just started. but when we look closely the platform seems insecure because their website mofamoli.com does not offer a secure connection and everything is in Chinese.


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When you can, provide me with the WDC token contract

Richelis Elías Acosta Segura

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I can't recover back my account of wisdom earth




I have more than 10,000 WDE coins. Can I claim some to USD ?

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