Have you heard talking about Catly or invested in the project and You are wondering if Catly is a good opportunity or a scam ? Well , take a chair and sit because we are going to analyze this project in details.

What is Catly ?

Catly asserts that it is the globe’s inaugural token that facilitates repurchases in the pre-sale phase, enabling convenient entry and exit devoid of enduring hazards. With an objective to establish an extensive consensus community and environment, propelling $CATLY into the role of a fresh luminary within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

What Catly offer ?

Catly offer to users an opportunity to buy their token in presale, stake it for an 3% daily interest and resell it back if they wish! Looking at this we can easily say it looks like a ponzi scheme.

Catly review

On the date of this 19th august Catly made an announcement in their telegram channel saying that they’ll stop the BUYBACK until the project got listed on exchange’s. Meanwhile, they had a community votes where they were asking users to give their opinions on the Catly token listing date. it was deduced from the result of this vote that Catly would be listed in Q2 of 2024.

By observing this we can easily say that there is something fishy! Why did they change their minds themselves and want to list the token as fast as expected ? Here’s the reason as they stated on telegram:

Starting from late July, the outflow of funds from daily buybacks has exceeded the inflow of funds from presale, and this trend is gradually expanding. Currently, the daily net outflow has reached as high as $200,000 USDT. Despite our implementation of strategies like token minting, the net outflow of funds has not decreased, but instead, it has significantly widened.

Is Catly a scam ?

Yes, apart from their latest announcement Catly works on a pyramid scheme. where the money of the last registered is used to pay the first. If you haven’t yet joined this platform, I advise you to avoid it now! However, it may turn out that I am wrong in my analysis. but one thing is certain, it is that Catly is a ponzi even if they list the token on the exchange’s.

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