What is islamicdigitalcoin ?

islamicdigitalcoin presents an exceptional ethical Islamic financial idea grounded in a digital currency framework. islamicdigitalcoin has committed itself to kickstarting a moral transformation within the realm of finance. To attract more users islamic digital coin is doing an airdrop of its tokens to anyone else who sign up now.

How does islamicdigitalcoin works ?

To be able to get islamicdigitalcoin airdrop you need to follow these instructions step by step. First of all download the app on your Android, IOS, or Desktop device then register by filling your email, password (big & small letter, number, special characters). After doing that you need to go on their web page ,scroll down and fill the box :

  • Follow their Telegram channel
  • Follow their Instagram
  • Click Airdrop form Fill your real full name
  • Enter your wallet address from the islamicdigitalcoin app you downloaded
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter referral address
  • Fill your Telegram username
  • Fill your Instagram username
  • Then Write a message to IDC team ( eg: Hello dear, thanks for this opportunity. I like your project)
  • Finally,Click SUBMIT AIRDROP

After completing all the tasks ,The reward will be sent to your wallet shortly !

islamicdigitalcoin listing price

IDC is expected to be listed around 0.10€ on exchange’s ! After that the token price may fluctuate due to its volatility.

Sign up on islamicdigitalcoin here

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