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Breaking News About coredao: Firehose is now integrated on Core blockchain

Today coredao announced on its Twitter account the integration of firehose on its blockchain. Firehose is a new technology for mining blockchain data developed by streamingfastio, a core development team working on graphprotocol.

This will now allow core network developers to efficiently extract data using subgraphs, faster than ever. Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s first see what firehose and coredao are.

What is Firehouse ?

Firehose is a core component of StreamingFast’s suite of open source blockchain technologies. It was created to increase the speed and performance of extracting blockchain data from issues found in real-world deployed applications.

What is coredao ?

Coredao is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi plus ecosystem. Also building web3 infrastructure and promoting public channels on bitcoin pow.

Firehose is now integrated on core

Core DAO welcomed Firehose into the Core ecosystem. Firehose, developed by StreamingFast, a team working on The Graph protocol, is a new blockchain data mining technology. With Firehose, Core-based developers can efficiently extract data using subgraphs, faster than ever.

Firehose is an improved version of The Graph’s original data mining layer, with significant improvements in speed and efficiency.

What is the graph ?

The Graph works on the basis of “sub-graph manifests”, which guide it on what data to index from the blockchain. This guide tells The Graph which smart contracts to focus on and which events in those contracts are critical. Once the guide is in place, The Graph scans the chain for new data blocks that may contain relevant information. It then retrieves this information, stores it efficiently, and makes it easily accessible for future queries.

All developers on coredao blockchain can now Start Building with subgraphs & Firehose


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