De.Fi airdrop


If you are an airdrop hunter and looking for good airdrop then you’ll like this article because we are going see an unique airdrop opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

In this article I’ll present you De.Fi airdrop which is an awesome project and promising. Stay with us till the end to understand how its works.

What is De.Fi ?

De.Fi is the most advanced security system in the crypto space, along with a range of other products including their crypto wallet tracker, NFT wallet, APY aggregator, and more.

To make its launch more successful, De.Fi is doing an airdrop, allowing its first believers to obtain its tokens for free.

How to get De.Fi airdrop ?

To get the De.Fi airdrop, you need to create an account. But you will need an invitation code which can only be obtained by contacting the De.Fi telegram group admin.

here’s the instructions step by step:

  • Ask invitation code to Admin in inbox : @defi_moderate2 @dedotficommunity @maria_defi @Yaroslav_DeFi @vlad_dedotfi
  • Once you get an invite code go this link
  • Enter the invite code and Submit your personal information

Once registered, you can now claim your earlier adopter badge !

Claim your airdrop here

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