You heard about the project and want to know if it is a legit project or not ? Well, you will like this article because we will see in detail how works.

Thetipcoin is an excellent project that is currently airdropping to anyone who registers on its platform.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about :

What is Thetipcoin ? is a social networking site that gives users points for social interactions and engagement with other users.

How Thetipcoin work ? is a slightly different project. it’s a social interaction project that works with X (Twitter), to reward your friends and your favorite creators.

To earn Thetipcoin tokens, simply follow the following instructions:

  • Go to Thetipcoin official website
    • Link your twitter to create your $tip account
    • Send out your join message to activate your account
    • Keep tweeting every epoch to generate points
    • Claim and convert your points to $tip token after each epoch

How to obtain points ?

To start earning points, once registered on tipcoin, Go on your Twitter link to your Thetipcoin account and make a tweet or reply by using these tags: $tip @tipcoineth to automatically receive points on your tipcoin account!

The Points earned during an epoch can be converted to $tip tokens.

How to withdraw tip token?

Currently, it is not yet possible to withdraw your earned $tip tokens. the project is still in its early stages so take advantage of this to accumulate more tokens.

Claim Tipcoin airdrop now review is a revolutionary project that can grow quickly because its operation ensures that the project is always relevant. Each time a user tweets or responds to a tweet mentioning these tags: $tip @tipcoineth, the project gains visibility. which is very good. is a legit project that will definitely do some exploits!


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