review review : Is NewSage io legit or another scam ?

There’s a new way to earn Core coin thanks to this platform backed by shadowsap , one of the best DEX on coretoshis chain. You just have to pay your registration fees and start receiving daily profit added to your core wallet balance.

Hey everyone , welcome to imasterycash in this new tutorial I’ll be showing you guys how NewSage.Io claims to be a successful platform that provides a high percentage of income to anyone who stakes his CORE on its platform.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about core matrix:

What is NewSage io ? claims to be a decentralized and sustainable DeFi matrix where users can transform connections into currency.

Based on the core blockchain NewSage io claims to be a high yield staking platform that allows anyone to stake their core and earn high returns.

How works ?

NewSage io works a bit like forsage but they ensures that every participant has a pathway to earn. that’s why they actively mitigates the risk by employing a multi-faceted rewards system through its fee-based reward pool and $SAGE token incentives, contrary to forsage that leave users stranded without any earnings. registration

With the entry cost into the matrix is 12.6 CORE ( ~6.93 $). After registration, if you like you can acquire all subsequent levels individually in ascending order, starting from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Here’s how to register in :

Copy and open this link in your decentralized wallet like Metamask, Bitkeep :

Connect your wallet to the platform and proceed to the registration by paying 12.6 CORE

After paying your registration fees Click on “GO TO DASHBOARD”

And take your 1.72 core daily profit by clicking on “claim fee”

Everyday you’ll be allowed to claim 1.72 core. Now to earn more core, you need to invite your friends to register on ,the more people you invite, the more CORE you earn thanks to the NewSage ×3 and ×6 matrix. matrix X3

In this matrix When your partners register in the program using your referral link, they occupy a direct spots below you. You’ll always receive 100% of your 3 levels payments directly into your personal wallet. matrix X6

In the Newsage X6 matrix, you can invite personal partners and also benefit from spillovers from both above ( your upline) and below ( your referrals).

Referral links play a crucial role in maintaining your network structure. When your upline buys the necessary level and you subsequently reinvest, you will be positioned below him again. This process helps maintain the integrity of your network, ensuring that partners you have personally invited remain aligned with you indefinitely.

Register now:

Can we earn without invitation ?

Yes, Everyone can earn even without inviting a single person thanks to NEWSAGE FEE REWARDS POOL you’ll be able to claim daily core each day!

Is real or fake ? is a real platform to grow your CORE assets, with a minimum of 12.6 core you can earn unlimited CORE just by inviting others to join NewSage and by claiming also in the fee reward pool. Actually the platform works very well and pays its members! You can use this invite code : 3776 to register.


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