Whats is ?

ChatAI stands as a social app founded on AI technology, enabling users to generate diverse AI-driven versions of themselves and construct parallel universes of their own.

How chatAI style works ?

Using the chatAI social app, you can now craft and modify your personality (both voice and image) using AI technology. Engaging in conversations on various topics with your AI version is possible as well. Moreover, you can explore AI creations from other users and engage in conversations with them. Presently, the chatAI platform is distributing rewards through a mining process, enabling early adopters to acquire chat tokens at no cost.

How to mine chat tokens ?

To initiate CHAT token mining, begin by setting up an account on the platform. Subsequently, configure your account by adhering to the subsequent instructions:

  • To commence CHAT token mining, visit the official platform
  • Click on the “Register” option to establish an account by entering your personal details (email, password, and invitation code)
  • After inputting your information, proceed to confirm your registration.

During registration, please utilize the provided invitation code: F9LA6TNF. Upon successfully registering, log in to your account by entering your email address and password. After logging in, on the dashboard, select the “RUN” option to initiate the mining process.

How to download app ?

To obtain the application, navigate to the homepage of the chatAi platform or log in to your account. You will find the download link for the application on your dashboard.

when chat token will be listed ?

chatAI style token is expected to be listed in November 2023. At the price of 1 chat = 1 USDT

Start mining chat token now

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