What is Candypocket ?

Candypocket stands as one of the pioneering metaverse platforms centered around the concept of “Share to earn.” Users have the opportunity to mine 9.6 Candy tokens daily (equivalent to approximately $3) without requiring an invitation. Additionally, by inviting others to register, you could potentially accumulate over $720 worth of rewards.

How Candypocket works ?

Candypocket functions as a mining application where inviting others influences the amount mined. The daily earnings for each miner are tied to the quantity of individuals they bring in. This attribute defines Candypocket as a “share to earn” platform. To begin mining with Candy, visit the platform and complete the registration process:

  • Go to the website Click on Register to fill in your details On the registration form,
  • you will be asked to enter your email address, do so then press “Get verify code” a code will be sent to you by email copied and pasted
  • Then, continue the registration by entering a password then Confirm

When registering, if prompted for an invitation code, feel free to use: UGD5QIVX . Upon successful sign-up, you can proceed to commence the mining of the Candy token. To extract the Candy token, just click onRUN which appears on the home page at the bottom right. Once done you will start receiving rewards.

How to ask for a withdrawal ?

You can request the withdrawal of your acquired Candy tokens. To proceed, navigate to the wallet section and transfer your assets from “Pow assets” to “Available assets.” This step is essential to facilitate the withdrawal request. It’s important to note that the minimum withdrawal amount is set at 50 Candy tokens.

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