You heard about the kakamate project and want to know more? well, sit down comfortably and read this article till the end as we will see in detail how kakamate works.

What is kakamate ?

kakamate is a project that aims to develop a social infrastructure protocol enabling interoperability between off-chain and on-chain sovereign fingerprints, including off-chain geographic data and on-chain relationships. To succeed this mission, kakamate has created an application allowing its early believers to obtain free kk tokens through mining and also to claim BTC for free.

How kakamate mining works ?

kakamate is a world leading community with users from over 130 countries and over 20,000 cities. First, to start earning kaka token you need to download the app and create an account by filling out the registration form with your personal information as following :

  • Download kakamate app
  • Open the app and choose your language
  • Create your account by copying the private key and storing somewhere
  • Enter a password
  • Reconfirm the password and confirm

Once the account is created, you will be asked to enter an invitation code used this: 7989w

To start receiving kk token for free click on Received once every 24 hours. you can also increase your mining power in order to receive more tokens.

How to increase mining power in kakamate ?

In order to increase your hash power , you just need to invite people to join your team. The more people you invite the more your hashrate increase. On your first invite level you’ll earn 20% of their hashrate and 10% on your second level. You can also increase your mining power by sharing hash cards and gift boxes.

How to get BTC daily ?

kakamate is one of those Mining applications that distributes bitcoins for free along with their token. To claim BTC, simply click on received BTC on the app homepage. kakamate also offers another way to earn income through its matrix system.

How the kakamate matrix works ?

First, click on TEAM and then on “Play with teammates”. you can choose to activate a level of the game first, starting from 5 dollars. it is possible to generate a net income ranging from 200% to 300% recyclable.

People who register and activate the game through your link will be under you. Eg: in this Matrix you just need 2 people of your team first level to activate their matrix and earn profit. The 3rd position is a loop position.


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