What is Mingle ?

Mingle is an internet-based survey platform that has been in existence since 2005, offering you the opportunity to generate passive earnings simply by sharing your viewpoints on various research subjects.

How does Mingle works ?

As a survey platform, Mingle will request your involvement in marketing and opinion research endeavors through email or text messages. Typically, you’ll engage in online surveys as interviews. To begin generating passive earnings on Mingle, commence by signing up on the platform and sharing your personal details. Following registration, you’ll begin receiving surveys that require your responses.

How much can we earn on Mingle ?

The potential earnings on Mingle vary for each participant, as your income increases in correlation with your survey participation.

Is Mingle available everywhere ?

No, Mingle platform is exclusively accessible within Europe. Registration is limited to individuals residing within the European continent, and those outside this region cannot sign up.

Where to download Mingle app ?

You can find Mingle application app on PlayStore and AppStore. Just search for the name on your device to download it.

How withdrawal works ?

Following each survey, you’ll receive points as a reward, which you can subsequently redeem for gift vouchers from well-known brands, contribute to charitable associations, or even conduct bank transfers. The minimum threshold for requesting a bank transfer is €20.

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