Is legit or a scam ? full review

If you are a fan of mining projects, you have certainly heard of the brand new mining project, and many are wondering if is legit or a scam.

If you want to know everything about read this article until the end because I will first tell you what is then how it works then I will tell you if it is reliable or not.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about :

What is ? claims to be a new mining app that allows to participate in the mining of the AIC coin. AI coin (AIC) plans to drive the prosperity of the global AI ecosystem through blockchain technology, ensuring widespread adoption of AI while protecting user privacy and data security.

How mining works ?

To start mining AIC coin, simply register on the official General Ai platform by providing your personal information. Then, log in to your account to receive Ai coins every day for free.

How to invite ?

On your dashboard click on INVITE, to copy your invitation link. Note that for each invited friend you earn 1500 AIC.

Is legit ?

The General Ai project seems at first glance a good project but think again because it presents risks that you should be aware of.

We can clearly see here that they are asking A full control of our device before start mining which mean they can view and control your screen and Perform some actions. Is it still necessary to ask yourself if is a scam? Obviously not because everything is clear here. It’s a pure scam to avoid! is a platform to avoid because it can steal all your personal information and even empty your crypto wallet. It’s this kind of platform that makes people have a bad image of cryptocurrencies. please share this information everywhere in order to alert novices not to fall into this trap!


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