Dear airdrop lover, there is a new excellent project which has just appeared and is currently airdropping in the form of mining allowing early believers to earn It token zEna from the platform for free. The project in question is Azen network.

Azennetwork is a new web3 project based on artificial intelligence. For its launch Azennetwork is organizing an airdrop to attract more people around the project. In this article I will show you how to participate in the Azennetwork airdrop. Make sure to read this article until the end so you don’t miss anything!


Here are the most frequently asked questions about :

What is Azennetwork ?

Azennetwork is an artificial intelligence-based social network that is revolutionizing social media marketing using the power of AIGC and AAAS technologies. Through its solution Azennetwork offers scalable, automated and decentralized social media marketing solutions for individuals and businesses.

How Azennetwork Works ?

Azen network works simply and easily. Simply go to the official platform then create an account using your email address or download the Azennetwork application to register directly. Once registered, log in to your account then click on CHECK IN to start mining the zEna token every day.

You can also perform other tasks to receive zEna tokens such as joining the Azennetwork telegram group, sharing the application on your social network, inviting friends, joining the discord group….

How to Withdraw zEna token obtained ?

The procedure for withdrawing the zEna coins obtained will be known once mining is completed. The date of withdrawal is not yet known. But, you can join their telegram group to find out everything about the zEna token listing.

SIGN UP ON Azennetwork HERE

Is legit ?

It’s still difficult to say if Azennetwork is really legit or not because it has just started. But when we look closely the platform seems reliable. For now Azennetwork is not a scam! You can join and start mining. If someone has a bad experience with the platform, they can say so in the reviews below to prevent other people from wasting their time.


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