Surveylama Best paid survey platform ever ? Full review

Here are the questions that comes in mind when we talk about online surveys: Do online surveys really pays ? Can you make enough money doing online surveys ? The answer to all these questions is yes, it’s really possible to make money from online surveys.

To clarify my point, I will present to you a completely different paid survey platform. On this platform it is possible to earn up to $2 per survey, yes you read correctly $2 will be paid to you for each survey carried out. Stay with me until the end of this article because we will see how to earn extra salary thanks to paid surveys!

The platform that i am about to present to you is Surveylama, it is an excellent paid survey site that pays very well and keeps its promises so far. Here i will first show you what Surveylama is then how it works finally I will tell you how to make a withdrawal on the platform.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Surveylama :

What is Surveylama ?

Surveylama is a platform specializing in online surveys allowing the evolution or change of products and services in order to improve the lives of consumers. In other words, it is a platform that pays its users to respond to online surveys organized by clothing, food, automobile manufacturing brands, etc. to find out the opinions of Internet users with a view to improving their services.

How Surveylama works ?

Surveylama works like a normal survey platform, you just have to go to their site and register by providing your personal information, email, last name, first name, etc. Then start participating in the surveys to receive rewards each time.

Every day Surveylama will offer you the opportunity to participate in paid surveys, at the end of each survey you will receive LamaPoints. LamaPoints are the tokens of the Surveylama platform and can be exchanged to Paypal and Amazon gift vouchers.

How to sign up and start earning ?

The registration procedure is very easy and simple, just go to the official Surveylama platform, click on the 3 dotted lines at the top you will see Registration enter your personal information name, first names, email, password… After entering your information , you will receive an activation email, Click on the link to activate your account and receive your welcome bonus amounting to 49Lp ~0.49$ after answering the welcome questions.

The amount you can earn per survey depends from one survey to another. But most of the time the earnings will be between €0.60 to €2. It should simply be noted that the more surveys you participate in, the more you will be rewarded. Your monthly income can go up to €400 if you work seriously!

How to withdraw from Surveylama ?

Log in to your account click on MY EARNING check if your points gauge is 100% full, normally you need 2000 Lamapoints. You can then use your LamaPoints to receive rewards such as : Amazon gift and Paypal transfers. The time limit for receiving a transfer is 10 working days (Monday – Friday). The conversion rate is 1 Lamapoint = 0.01$.

Surveylama review is an excellent paid survey site that is completely free and open to everyone. It is simple and easy to use to receive rewards to make ends meet. There is even a downloadable application in English. I highly recommend this platform if you really want to earn money from surveys these days!

Is Surveylama a scam ?

No, Surveylama is definitely a legit and trustworthy platform that’s pays! It’s not a scam, you can join now and start earning just by giving your opinions.



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