You heard about and wondering if it’s a good project or not ? Well , you’ll definitely like this article because we’re going to see step by step how its works.

Bnetwork is a new peer to peer and 100% decentralized smart contract that runs on Binance smart chain.

What is ? is a transparent, fair and decentralized smart contract that follows blockchain technology. The code algorithm is also self-contained and does not require any interaction with third parties.

How work ?

First of all , you must have a decentralized wallet such as trustwallet, metamask or bitkeep.. and top up your account with at least 5 usdt and $1 bnb to pay the transaction fee.

To successfully sign up follow this instructions:

  • Copy this link and paste it into your wallet navigator
  • Change the network to binance smart chain ( BSC)
  • Click approve and register
  • After clicking on register approve your registration by confirming the transaction

Then you are good to go! You can now copy your link to share with your friends to start earning

What’s compensation plan ?

In Bnetwork smart contract, you get 50% on each invited friend. Example: if you invite a friend who deposits $100 you will receive $50, you invite a friend who deposits $5 you will receive $2.5 and so on.

Is legit ?

Bnetwork is a fully decentralized smart contract, meaning it cannot be corrupted or disrupted. So we can totally say yes, is legit and trustworthy.

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