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Have you heard of the crypto exchange BiSwift ? It is a new crypto exchange that is currently airdropping $50,000 to all its first users, thus attracting more people to the project.

if not, then stay with me until the end of this article because we will see how it works and how to take part in mining their BSF token.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about BiSwift :

What is BiSwift ?

BiSwift is a cryptographic exchange platform that allows you to sell, buy and trade many cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, shiba… BiSwift is determined to be among the top 10 exchangers in a short period of time and unveil the most accessible blockchain technologies and financial security to users around the world.

How BiSwift mining works ?

As I said earlier, BiSwift is currently airdropping $50,000 worth of BSF token to everyone who downloads and signs up on BiSwift.

The airdrop claim process is based on the claim you make daily. Here is the process:

  • Bsf token you can claim daily
    • Day1: 0.2
    • Day2: 0.2
    • Day3: 0.4
    • Day4: 0.4
    • Day5: 0.7
    • Day6: 0.85
    • Day7: 0.85
    • Day8: 1.0

the circle reset after 8 days as long as you keep claiming BSF token each day.

How to sign UP ?

kindly open your Playstore or appstore and search BiSwift Exchange Once you see the app download it. After app installation open app and follow the instructions to sign up and verify your Email. During registration you will be asked to enter a BiSwift invitation code used as follows: 91PAVZ5P70Q6

Sign up on BiSwift now

Is BiSwift legit ?

BiSwift looks like a promising project. everything is well done and clear, the daily distribution rates of the BSF airdrop are not exaggerated compared to other projects. which also reminds us of a gem in progress. Seeing all this I can easily say that BiSwift is a legit project ,which is not a scam. I don’t think BiSwift is a scam because it doesn’t require anything to mine, everything is free. LET’S ENJOY


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