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Nowadays, there are many ways to make money even just by giving your opinion on simple topics. The Digital era is truly a surprising revolution. In this tutorial I will present to you a platform that will allow you to earn money just for giving your opinion.

The platform that will allow you to be paid for this is Digiopinion. Digiopinion is a paid survey platform that rewards its users for each completed survey. If you want to know more, then stay with me until the end of this article because we will see how Digiopinion works and at the end I will give my opinion on Digiopinion.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Digiopinion:

What is Digiopinion ?

Digiopinion is a paid survey platform where you give your opinion on topics such as: product improvements, the car you drive, your pet’s favorite food, or your morning coffee etc..

How Digiopinion works ?

Digiopinion Works like most paid survey platforms. Simply create an account by going to the platform and click on registration to complete the registration form by providing your personal information: your current country, An email address identical to the one you will use for the payment method, etc. . but note that this step is very important! Fill out your profile as carefully as possible, in order to receive the surveys that suit you. You will receive more surveys if your profile contains more information.

How much Digiopinion pays per survey ?

The amount one can earn per survey depends on your country of residence. if you are in Europe or the USA you will earn more per survey than someone who is in Africa or Asia. But the income per survey varies between 0.20$ to 10$

What is the minimum payout ?

Once you have earned at least $10, you can withdraw the money on Digiopinion. Payment can be made via Paypal or Paysera. Remember that the email you used to register on Digiopinion.com must match the email you use on the payment service you choose. It may take up to 10 business days (Monday to Friday) to receive payment.

Is Digiopinion legit or scam ?

Digiopinion claimed to be owned and operated by Opinodo ApS. A legal registered company based in Copenhagen Denmark. But, when we check Digiopinion review on trustpilot we can see that it has a very bad score. If I may give you some advice. I would advise using an alternative platform to Digiopinion rather than it.

Digiopinion alternative

If you want a similar website to Digiopinion then I advise you to check Mobiworkx



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