Elusdt.com review

Elusdt.com : Best investment ever ? full review legit or not

Elusdt is a platform that was launched in June 2020 and today has more than 32 million members around the world.

In this article we will see how Elusdt works and at the end I will tell you if it is legit or a scam. read this article until the end to know everything.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Elusdt.com :

What is Elusdt ?

Elusdt is a platform that claims to have a mining farm and combines cloud mining and staking to generate yields which they then distribute to members. Daily mining income ranges from 6% to 55%.

How Elusdt works ?

Like most platforms, you simply create an account, top it up and choose a mining machine to start earning. Elusdt offers two plans: Trade and Investment

• Trade here you can invest your USDT or Tron to receive daily income indefinitely between 6% to 55% depending on the amount recharged. Profits can be withdrawn every day.

• Investment here your investment is over a specific period. The income is between 3% to 65% per day but the main investment and profits can only be withdrawn at the end of the plan.

How to invest ?

Simply top up your account with tron or USDT trc20. Then, before making the deposit choose between [Basic account and Financial account] take Basic account if you want to receive daily income of 6%-55% and make withdrawals every day or Financial account if you want to accumulate everything and withdraw at the end of plan. The minimum investment amount is 10 usdt.

How to withdraw from Elusdt ?

The procedure for requesting a payment on Elusdt is very simple, on your account dashboard click on the homepage to choose the crypto in which you wish to make the withdrawal. The minimum amount is 0.6 usdt and 5 tron.

Is Elusdt legit ?

Elusdt.com is downright heavy because it is rare to see a platform that lasts so long despite the high rate of income. This platform has really existed since 2020 but very recently there have been several members complaining about withdrawals issues. I highly recommend you to avoid this platform!

Elusdt Alternative

If you want a similar website to Elusdt.com then I advise you to check Globalshop

Globalcloud shop


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