Are you aware of Catly new update regarding its 0xbnb platform ? if no, then stay with me until the end of this article we will see how it works.

What is 0xbnb ?

0xbnb presents an engaging lottery experience wherein participants predict the concluding digits of a cryptocurrency wallet ID. At intervals of 5 minutes, 0xbnb.com produces an arbitrary Ethereum wallet ID. Your objective is to speculate on the ultimate numerals of the wallet ID to potentially secure a twofold reward.

How 0xbnb works ?

You can participate in the enjoyment immediately. This raffle aims to offer all fans a genuinely demonstrably equitable game. Just like CATLY LOTTO, its selection principles stick to openness and justice.

Acquiring lottery tickets is exclusively facilitated via decentralized wallets. It’s recommended to refrain from utilizing Binance/OKX and alternative exchanges for transfers, as your prize might not be attainable. And only BNB-BEP20 is accepted now!

In any lottery round you have the option to use the “SKIP” function. Choosing to skip a round will bypass the current draw, but the draw results will be saved in the draw history. This feature allows you to generate multiple draw records and make smarter bets based on draw trends, thereby improving your chances of winning.

Is there an affiliate program ?

Yes, by generating your own affiliate link, you can become an operator and Enjoy a commission of up to 3%, regardless of whether players win or not. Don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity.

0xbnb.com is a 100% blockchain fair lottery. registration is free you can join now ! You can use this 0xbnb invitation code: 43045

Start earning now on 0xbnb.com

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Catly closed I don't think it's a good idea joining here


Catly closed I don't think it's a good idea joining here

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