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Have you heard about the new wealthwaves mlm ? If yes, then you must definitely be wondering whether wealthwaves.org is legit or a scam. You will certainly like this article because we will see how wealthwaves mlm works and at the end I will give my review about it.

Like LiveGood and Empowerlife, Wealthwaves is a new mlm which wants to compete with its predecessors by bringing something new to what these two others do not have. Stay with me until the end to find out everything!


Here are the most frequently asked questions about wealthwaves.org :

What is wealthwaves.org ?

wealthwaves.org is an mlm company that appeared in October 2023 in the field of multi level marketing which allows you to earn passive income up to 7 levels without necessarily needing to sponsor people. Simply create an account and start building your team to begin your journey with wealthwaves.org!

How wealthwaves works ?

To become a member of Wealthwaves and access all the features of wealthwaves, such as being able to download e-books on success, entrepreneurship, business creation, etc. you have to pay a subscription fee of $10. These subscription fees will be distributed as follows: – $5 paid to your sponsor and – $5 to the company.

As a wealthwaves member, you’ll unlock a wealth of knowledge through engaging video tutorials and flipbooks, all curated by seasoned industry experts.

wealthwaves compensation plan

Wealthwaves offers one of the highest paying strategies in multi-level marketing. It’s possible to earn up to $1,027 per month and get a bonus of 100% of every paid position in your sponsorship!

With the wealthwaves compensation plan you can generate income in 8 ways:

  • Fast start commission
  • Global matrix commissions
  • Infinity commissions
  • E-Shop commissions
  • Affiliate E-Shop commissions
  • Influencers Bonus
  • Leadership and rewards
  • Diamond pool bonus

wealthwaves compensation plan is really insane! Now let’s explain how the 8 income’s works and how to get it.

Fast start commission

You’ll be able to get this commission once someone joins through your link and becomes a paid member, then you’ll automatically receive a $5 fast commission or infinity commissions.Additionally, you’ll earn a 100% matching bonus of your referral every level he cycled through.

Global matrix commissions

As soon as you are a paid member in WealthWaves, you open doors to news ways of income’s . You get your own business center in the 3×7 matrix, which quickly fills up with members placed by the company and other affiliates. The sooner you become a paid member, the higher your position, and you can start earning money right away.

InfiNITY commissions

You can earn upto $1027 in your personal matrix. For every person you bring into WealthWaves after your 3rd direct paid referral and for everyone they bring in, no matter how far it goes, you get extra Infinity Commissions ,a solid 10% of their subscription.

E-Shop commissions

Anytime you buy a product in your eShop you’ll get 50% discount on any product, and you’ll also get resell rights, which means you can sell these products and make over 100% profit.

Affiliate E-Shop commissions

You can receive this commission anytime someone in your WealthWaves team buys something from their EShop, you’ll earn commissions that go down as far as 7 levels, depending on your rank.

Influencers Bonus

Each affiliates who aim big and market products to their WealthWaves Affiliate Team on a larger scale, will unlock extra bonuses on all the volume, no matter what their rank.

Leadership rewards

Anytime you reach a new rank, you’ll be rewarded. Example: if you personally brought over 30 active paid members and earned total commissions exceeding $10,000. Then, you can achieve the prestigious GOLD Rank! As a reward, you’ll receive a $500 Cash Prize and the chance to take part at one of wealthwaves global Live Events.

Diamond pool bonus

As soon as you reach Diamond rank, you’ll get a piece of 5% from the company’s total sales every single month!

How to deposit funds in wealthwaves ?

To recharge your wealthwaves account and start earning you just need to login to your account and click on DEPOSIT , choose your payment method and send the exact amount. The minimum deposit is $10.

Can we earn without investment ?

Yes, It’s possible to earn without investing. once you become a Free Member with wealthwaves, you start receiving instant payments. Commissions are instantly distributed, and you can immediately withdraw your earnings without any delays.

How to withdraw funds ?

Simply login to your account and click on WITHDRAWAL to select your payment method and proceed. The minimum payout amount is $20.


Is wealthwaves.org legit ?

Wealthwaves is a direct copy of Empowerlife. A renowned company should not be a copied and pasted, this leaves a little doubt as to the legitimacy of this company. we all know it’s an mlm but a serious company must be one of a kind!

Is wealthwaves.org a scam ?

For the moment we cannot qualify wealthwaves as a scam because they pay but before carrying out any financial transactions on this platform, do further in-depth research by joining their telegram group to see the members’ opinions as well as doing research on YouTube on the subject of the company because most often certain leader YouTubers do small daily updates regarding projects!


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