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Are you a fashion enthusiast and looking for a fashion website? if yes, then you will definitely like this article because I am going to introduce you to a unique and exceptional fashion website created in 2008 that will allow you to discover the best designers and brands from all over the world.

The website in question is Farfetch.com, it is a site that offers the best designers and brands from around the world. Read this article until the end to know how Farfetch works and at the end I will give my review.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Farfetch :

What is Farfetch ?

Farfetch is an ecommerce site created in 2008 by José Neves based in London, which offers its users premium and luxury brands collected. Farfetch is different from other fashion sites because it offers items that are only available on its site and not even on the official sites of luxury brands ,such as: Jacquemus, Palm Angels and many others.

How fast does Farfetch deliver items ?

After placing an order on Farfetch.com, delivery is generally between 2 to 4 days for European countries. But the delay may be longer if you are outside the European continent. anyway if you want to know more about the exact shipping time to your country contact customer service available on the Farfetch website.

What items can you buy on Farfetch ?

There are several items from different designers like: Nina Ricci, Valentino Garavani, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander etc on Farfetch. Here are some items you will find:

  • Cocoon single-breasted coats
    • Rockstud-embellished shoulder bag
    • Shoes
    • Clothes
    • watches
    • Bags etc..


Is Farfetch legit ?

Yes, Farfetch is a real and legit ecommerce site where you can buy quality items in very good condition without scam! Wherever you are you can order on Farfetch.com and will be delivered to your door without any hassle. All items offered were truly designed by the creators listed.

Farfetch alternative

If you want a similar website to Farfetch.com I advise you to check our Ecommerce platform section. There you’ll definitely find an amazing platform similar to Farfetch.com.


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