Gee short video

Gee short video

You need to stop wasting your data watching short video on social media now for free!

What if I tell you there is an app similar to TikTok that pays you when someone follows you, likes your videos, comments your videos. Then you’ll stop wasting your data for nothing and start earning up to $3 a day ?

The app i’m about to show you now is an excellent American app that was created to compete with TikTok so be sure to read this tutorial until the end to better understand.

Gee short video is the app that’ll pay you up to $3 daily when watching videos. It’s a web 3.0 blockchain social media.

What is Gee short video ?

Gee short video is a video app that combines short videos with blockchain technology, delivering dynamic, spontaneous and authentic short videos. it’s a web3 app for sharing short videos with gaming and social features. the most cooling thing is that Gee pays its users to post short videos.

How Gee short video work ?

Gee short video users can share short videos, participate in games while exploring the DeFi and NFT market. First, you need to download the application on your mobile device and then create an account by filling out the registration form with your email address, password and a Gee invitation code. You can use this Gee short video invite code: 0x61F33

Once registered, login to your account and start generating money! know that all your rewards will be credited in GT token and CC token.

What’s Gt and CC tokens ?

GT is the Ecological Token of Gee short video and CC is the Governance Token.

TOKENTotal supplyGenesis issuedContract addressInfo
GT 300,000,00015,000,000Not yet revealGT is the ecological token in various fields of the GEE ecosystem, including but not limited to: digital asset trading, social networks, gaming and entertainment, financial services, and blockchain technology applications.
CC2,100,000,000 XNot yet revealCC is the governance token of the Gee ecosystem, designed to integrate multiple domains such as gamefi, socialfi, and NFT to provide users with a seamless experience.

How to withdraw from Gee ?

Note that all your rewards will be credited in cryptocurrency. But, you can swap on the wallet page to convert CC & GT to USDT and withdraw it to your other wallets or any exchanges. There is no quota limit, you just need to pay the GAS fee.

Is Gee short video legit ?

Yes, Gee is a very good and serious app that really pays. you just have to download the app, register and start generating passive income. The app interface is very clear and easy to use like TikTok.

Gee short video is a scam ?

At the moment of writing this article we can say No. Because the App is serious and actually pays its users.

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