Crypto mining app


kakamate is a project that aims to develop a social infrastructure protocol enabling interoperability between off-chain and on-chain. kakamate has created an application allowing its early believers to obtain free kk tokens through mining and also to claim BTC for free…


Candypocket stands as one of the pioneering metaverse platforms centered around the concept of “Share to earn.” Users have the opportunity to mine 9.6 Candy tokens daily…


Starcoin is a web 3.0 oriented platform that leverages blockchain technology, enabling universal participation in the mining of the Star token. Mining Star tokens is achievable without requiring any investment or complications.

ChatAI stands as a social app founded on AI technology, enabling users to generate diverse AI-driven versions of themselves and construct parallel universes of their own.


BitcoinDollar is a coin designed to enhance the financial well-being of individuals globally, aiming to achieve the near-term objective of $500 multiplied by 10,000, equating to 5,000,000.

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